Accessories - Pressing technology  




In order to press a sample, sometimes binding material is needed which keeps the sample in the form of a stable pellet.

The following materials might serve as binding:
  • cellulose
  • wax
  • boric acid

Some Binders:

Symbol Description
SO-press001 Boric acid, powder - 1.5kg
SO-press0011 FreeBORE powder – Substitute for boric acid - 0.8kg
SO-press004 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax), Wachs- 0.75kg
SO-press0041 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax), wosk - 5kg
SO-press0042 Licowax® C micropowder (Hoechst wax), wosk - 20kg
SO-press002 Cellulose powder - 0.8kg
SO-press00325 Cellulose tablets; 250mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00333 Cellulose tablets; 330mg - 500 tablets
SO-press005 MIX55 - 0.75kg
SO-press00525 MIX55 tablets;250mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00550 MIX55 tablets;500mg - 500 tablets
SO-press00525K MIX55 tablets;250mg - 5000 tablets
SO-press00550K MIX55 tablets;500mg - 5000 tablets
Some pressing techniques demand preparing foundation from binder. To this end, a tool for filling a binder is used:
Symbol Description
SO-FL032 32mm a tool for filling a binder
SO-FL040 40mm a tool for filling a binder