As a manufacturer of equipment for sample preparation for X-ray fluorescence analysis, such as VULCAN gas fusion machines and HERCULES laboratory presses, we offer you professional and reliable service. We have all spare parts for our machines in stock, which makes our service truly express. We approach each customer and each machine individually. We also provide support via phone and email. Mainly for our foreign customers, we recently introduced the possibility of technical support using "Smart Training Glasses." With special glasses equipped with a camera and Wi-Fi access, we can remotely assist the customer.


In addition to manufacturing sample preparation machines for XRF analysis, we have our own laboratory.

Our laboratory is equipped with fusion machines, presses, and a WD XRF fluorescence spectrometer. Thanks to our equipment and spectrometer, we can show customers the entire process from sample preparation to obtaining the analysis result. Anyone interested in our offer can visit us to see and personally try how the fusion machine, press, and XRF spectrometer work. With many years of experience and practical knowledge, we assist in selecting equipment and preparation methods. We also help our customers choose standards for creating calibration curves on their own X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

We also perform commercial sample analyses using the XRF method. The sample preparation method and analysis approach are always discussed individually with the customer.