Fusion machine Vulcan  


With the Vulcan fusion machine, we offer a melting system for sample preparation in X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF). This innovative gas-powered auto fluxer sets new standards in the industry. The fusion machine is used for the analysis of cement, sand, glass, ferroalloys, and other raw materials.

Versatility for sample preparation in XRF An outstanding feature of the Vulcan is its versatility. Thanks to the use of gas, very rapid temperature changes can be achieved, and a maximum temperature of 1600°C can be reached. This versatility also applies to sample throughput, with variants available with 2, 4, and 6 positions. Sample preparation for ICP/AAS analysis is also possible. Stations for both XRF and ICP can be mixed. For example, the Vulcan 21MA has 2 stations for XRF and 1 station for ICP analysis.

Furthermore, the Vulcan offers a brilliant 7-inch touch display. This big screen size allows for user-friendly navigation and provides a clear display of functions, making device operation much easier. This allows you to see the entire melting process with all important parameters at ones.

Additionally, the Vulcan (MA) features intelligent programming versatility. This allows for the storage of up to 10 different programs with individual melting process parameters. You can tailor sample preparation precisely to your requirements and achieve reliable analysis results. All programs can also be freely named, making it easier to select the desired program.

The stability and reproducibility of sample preparation are crucial for the Vulcan (MA). By ensuring constant and repeatable sample preparation, you can be confident that your analysis results are always reliable. We also offer sensors and measuring devices for monitoring and certifying the Vulcan fusion machine.

On the Vulcan, you will find QR codes for video tutorials and helpful links, as well as an extensive service menu.

With its integrated internet connection, the Vulcan auto fluxer is Industry 4.0 capable, enabling seamless networking in your laboratory.