Storage of samples

Pressed or fused samples may be stored for a longer period of time. We recommend single boxes for pellets and gathering boxes with lids, in which the whole calibration set may be stored. Both powder reference materials, as well as pressed and fused ones, should be stored in exsiccator to ensure environment free from impurities and dampness. We have at our disposal cabinet exsiccators with drawers, drying agent and hytherograph.

Different variations

Symbol Description
PDI-EKS1 Exsiccators with drying agent and hytherograph 35 x 41 x 34 cm (D x S x W)
PDI-EKS2 Exsiccators with drying agent and hytherograph 64 x 41 x 55 cm (D x S x W)
PDI-BOX Gathering box with a lid and compartments for pellets 33 x 22 x 5,3 cm (D x S x W)
PDI-SZA Cabinet with 5 drawers and 5x25 compartments for pellets/td>
PDI-SOTB001 Single box for a pellet with dimensions ø4,5 x 1,2 cm ø4,5 x 1,2 cm/td>